Custom Skateboard Shapes

Choose one of our existing molds to cut your shape from. An illustrator file(or other vector format) with the deck outline and truck holes are required. Sample charges and minimum order quantity apply. More info for custom skateboard shapes.

Custom Skateboard Molds

Custom molds are quite difficult! A cad file is required and tooling charges apply. Minimum deck order required. We have quite a few molds that are not listed. Check with a rep for more info.

Other Custom Skateboard Options

Veneer colors, wood burn, bamboo and other options are available please contact a rep.

Recent Questions

  • I want the same shape but different deck widths. How much and minimum?

    A similar looking shape but with a different width counts as a different shape as different shape template/programming are used for each width. 50 per shape within 100 decks in an order is minimum for a full custom shape. (Our stock shapes have no minimum).

  • I want the old Girl concave. Can you do that?

    First off we never knock-off any company but if you want a really flat concave/mold we can check to see if we have something already made. We would need a CAD/3D file to make a full custom mold if that is what you want.

  • I want carbon fiber. What are your options?

    We don't offer a carbon fiber option. In all the tests we have done carbon fiber doesn't make a better skateboard deck than 7 ply hard maple. That's just our opinion!