Did you know we are a dropship supplier?

Posted on , June 20th, 2022 is a subsidiary of Point Distribution Inc. Skateboarddropshipper offers fulfillment for dropshipping businesses around the globe. 

Ordering is easy as 123

  1. Create an account at
  2. Design your art and add it to the appropriate template
  3. Upload your graphic and order from


Why Now?

We have had daily requests for years for custom skateboard drop shipping. It is now possible with the advancement of printing and web technologies.


Printing Advancements:

We developed a print process that allows for digital printing to be combined with screen printing. The key to this was adding the screen printing to the digital print. It ties the prints together and is a layer of specially formulated ink that is chemically bonded to the wood veneer. No layer of plastic or vinyl is bonded to the skateboard deck, what’s left is ink that is of similar composition of the lacquer that is used to seal the wood. Professional skateboarders demand this type of print for performance reasons, the ink needs to slide just right and not get stuck like a sticker or slide too much like a layer of hard plastic. This process can be used for printing ‘one-offs’. This was not possible before as screen printed decks required a screen to be made for every color in the print and set-up fees would be in the 100s of dollars.


Technology Advancements:

Advancements in web technologies and business process technologies have made the costs of processing ‘one-off’ custom skateboards much lower. We can now pass these savings on. You can make a decent margin selling drop shipped custom skateboard decks without the risk of carrying inventory.



API integration is offered for brands that do at least $1000 a week in skateboard sales. This means no more manually imputing orders



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