International Shipping Explained

Posted on , May 9th, 2019

Shipping Custom Skateboard Products across international borders is tough!

International isn’t easy and it is not cheap! Moving product long distances and across borders will always be a challenge. That being said we have endeavored to have the most cost effective methods that are currently available and we are always looking for better ways.

Ship Methods.

We regularly ship to European countries, Asian countries like Japan and S. Korea, Australia/New Zealand, S.and C. America, Canada, S.Africa(every once and awhile), and even some Caribbean Island Countries. We have endeavored to have the most cost effective methods that are currently available and we are always looking for better ways. Very small orders like those that are 1-2 decks or less we use UPS Mail Innovations Priority Mail International. For shipments just over a couple decks and under 200-300 UPS Expedited is good service.  We have deep discounts with UPS that we pass on. If you have a shipment over 100-200 decks we can quote Air Freight. These services usually deliver to most countries in a week although UPS MI PMI is closer to 1-2 weeks.

Ocean Freight 

Ocean Freight (LCL shipments) is the most cost effective but the minimum order is much larger, usually 250 lbs and the real savings start at 1000lbs(usually). Ocean takes much longer, usually a month with all of the loading, unloading, sailing, and time spent at the port. Ocean Freight requires you to set up an account with a logistics company and file certain legal documents (Point Dist does not prepay the shipping cost). This type of shipment (Ocean Freight) requires much more work to process as there are usually more licenses and legal hurdles that an importer/exporter has to deal with.

Pallets of Skateboards Headed for the Port

Other Costs 

Our shipments are sent ‘DDU’ Deliver Duty Unpaid. This means that the transit and customs clearance costs are collected up front but that the receiver is responsible for whatever other fees that may apply. We do not know the specific import fees and tax laws for every country but some fees we have see are: import duty(usually less than 10% but some countries have very high duties), VAT, import charge, etc. Unfortunately we can’t give a quote for these varying fees and you would need to contact an import expert for your country. If you are trying to import to Brazil, Mexico, or Russia we highly recommend researching your import costs as these countries are most difficult.

Point Dist Sales Office Personnel


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