Custom Skateboards

Point started supplying custom skateboard decks in 2004. Since then we have refined and perfected our processes to offer two programs to best serve our customers needs. Want your products quick? Our ‘In-Stock’ program is probably the way to go. The ‘In-Stock’ program allows for lightning fast turnaround on custom skateboard printing for our most popular sizes, shapes, and concaves. We accept orders as small as 25 decks(even smaller orders are accepted but not as cost-effective). We now offer a ‘one-off’ custom printed deck option for samples.
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Our ‘Build to Order’ program is for the company that wants to fully design a custom skateboard product from the ground up. If you are looking for custom shapes, molds, or more, this is the program. We also make non-skateboard products that might use the same production methods and materials. Please note that the ‘Build to Order’ program requires larger orders and may also require tooling and sampling charges.
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Skateboard Manufacturing

Unless stated otherwise all of our decks are constructed of 7 plies of 100% American/Canadian Maple (wood species- Acer Saccharum) with skateboard specific glue made by Franklin. Occasionally and on specific request we use Bamboo, other veneer and exotic materials but the tried and true 7 ply Canadian Maple is by far our most popular construction.

All of Point’s skateboard decks are cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers. The uncut decks are allowed to cure for 7 days in large stacks before finishing.


Can I use the same graphic on different size custom decks?

Yes, we do it all the time. Just make sure you set your art to fit the largest deck, on smaller decks the graphic will just trim off a bit more.

I need 200 custom printed decks in-hand in 2 weeks. Can you do that?

Possibly. Please check for current turnaround times.

I want a flatter mold for a 15.5 wheelbase old school type shape. Do you have an existing mold?

We do. Please email with what you are looking for. FYI- Custom shapes have a larger minimum; 100 deck order, can be split 50 of one custom shape and 50 another shape if it uses the same laminate(mold and veneer size/color). The deck unit cost roughly follows whatever ‘stock’ deck is closest. Check for more info.


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