Pad Printing

Ink is transferred from an etched plate to a silicone pad. This silicone pad then is pressed on the surface of the skateboard wheel leaving the ink. This simple sounding process is actually very complex. From the making of the plates to the actual printing ,every step has to be carefully controlled. Temperature, humidity, etch depth, pad hardness, thinner/ink mixture, and many other factors influence the printing process.

1 to 6 colors

We have the capability to print up to 6 colors per graphic. We prefer printing spot colors but can print four color process. Keep in mind that a plate is required to make each color so less colors= less cost. We suggest but don’t require printing a white underbase under the ink colors to help reproduce colors correctly and give you the best looking custom skateboard wheel.

Multiple Sizes

We have configured our equipment to print the same graphic on multiple sizes of wheels. Please use the smallest size wheel printing template to create your art if you are going to order multiple sizes within the same graphic.