Custom Skateboard Fast Turnaround!

Most of our orders ship in less than 1-2 weeks and online ordering takes the pain out of the process. Seasonality and other issues can affect turnaround. Check our turnaround pages and/or with a rep.

Custom Skateboards. Info!

Custom Skateboard Manufacturing

Point is located in Las Vegas, NV USA. We are one of few skateboard suppliers that have the capability to print our own skateboard heat transfers in-house. Our turn-around time is the fastest for custom skateboard printing. Our custom skateboards are made with Top quality USA/Canada Hard Maple and Franklin Skateboard specific glue. All skateboard* deck manufacturing is North American based; decks laminated in Mexico and printing done in USA.  Click skateboard deck manufacturers for more info. *Longboards may have mixed origins.

Recent Product & Order Questions

Wholesale account: Point Distribution’s wholesale ordering website is for business sales only. We have rules that need to be met to become a business customer. A sound plan is mandatory. A business license may need to be provided, depending on the situation. Customers residing in Nevada, and ‘Ship To’ addresses in Nevada, must provide a resale cert to be excluded from paying sales tax. Custom skateboard decks are among our most popular products. We offer as little as one custom printed deck, deck quantities of over 25 have a much lower cost. Deck quantities of 100 or more offer the best value.

Retail customer (small quantities of custom skateboards, even one): Point Distribution Inc’s retail website is always open. There are no requirements to order. Please go to If you are going to order more than 10 decks, it would be best to sign up for a wholesale account at

Turnaround Times: Point Distribution is proud to have super fast turnaround in the industry for almost all custom skateboard products. Turnarounds vary per product. Shipping transit times are not included in our turnaround times. Contact a rep for a more accurate time-line.

USA Shipping: Domestic Shipping- UPS ground is the main and usually the most economical service that we offer for shipments under 150lbs. You can calculate shipping costs in the shopping cart by adding similar blank items(to your custom) from the ‘Stock Products’ and continuing to the checkout process. No payment is required to get the quote. For shipments larger than 150lbs, trucking/LTL may be a better cost effective option. You can request a quote from a rep for trucking. We can also ship billing to your UPS or FedEx acct#. FedEx shipments may delay your turnaround time by a day.

International Shipping: Point Distribution has shipped skateboard products to virtually all modern countries and we ship international nearly every day. If you don’t have your own logistics provider, or are just checking shipping rates, please contact us for a shipping quote. For smaller shipments less than 150lbs, UPS is usually the preferred method. USPS(Post) is an option for smaller shipments usually single package sample shipments. You can actually get a quote instantly by adding items to the shopping cart(add the similar ‘stock’ items if you want to check shipping costs before ordering custom). For shipments over 200lbs (usually more than 70 decks), we can quote an air ship freight service. Transit time is usually 7 days or less. We don’t’ offer ocean freight services, but if you have your own shipping agent, we regularly prepare shipments for ocean freight to the ports. Terms usually follow incoterms ‘Ex Works’. Shipments are usually ‘delivered duty unpaid’ when Point quotes a shipping cost. Make sure you know your country’s import costs!

Availability When checking out, if you get a message in the shopping cart about ordering ‘MORE THAN ON-HAND’, then it simply means we do not have enough to fill your order and your turnaround will get extended to the dates in the link below. Our inventory is regularly turned over. Most products are replenished monthly. Our ‘Build To Order’ category contains custom products that are created from the ground up. There for these products do have a longer turnaround time. Check with a rep if you have any questions about availability.

Pricing: You will need to be logged in to view product costs. If you haven’t done so you will need to register for an account. When you are logged in, click on the stock or custom products you are interested in ordering. Pricing is listed in each product category section and on the bottom of each product page. We have some product cost calculators and order examples in the main menu. You can add the different product items to your cart and see the costs, but understanding quantity discounts and being able to view a pricing grid/calculator will help in determining what makes the most sense for you and what will be the more cost effective options. To see your customer specific custom products you will need to upload/email your product graphics/specs and a rep will add your product to your online account. After your custom products are added, you will then be able to log in and click on your custom products to order.

Combining products to obtain a quantity discount:Most of the product types can be combined for quantity discounts. For example, you can combine longboard & street trucks to receive the quantity discount. Different longboard decks can be combined for qty discount. Street decks with other street decks, etc. Check the product category pricing overview to see which products combine for qty discount. You can also add the products to the cart to see the discount.

Quick overview of custom printed skateboard deck costs: Pricing is located on Click on the product type you are interested in. If you have not registered it’s only a few lines to type. A single printed sample deck will cost you under $50. The higher the quantities ordered, like 25+, make the cost per deck/graphic decrease significantly. There are some variables that may make the deck/print cost go up. You can order less than 25 custom printed decks but the print cost is higher. This is covered at and if you submit/email your graphics and other details we can add to your online acct so you can get an exact cost.

Digital cost and custom printed samples: With digital printing you can order as small an order as one custom printed skateboard deck. This is a great option for ordering a printed sample with your graphic, as well as ordering smaller quantity runs. One printed sample will cost you under $50. The higher quantities you order, the price does go down. Link below to view pricing, (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the pricing):

Stocked transfers option: If you plan on ordering the same graphic in the future and want to get the best cost per printed deck, this is a great option. By ordering 50 prints you are able to get them at the lowest quantity discount price, and can keep them stocked for future orders. The minimum order for this option is 25 decks. You can mix the minimum 25 decks with multiple stocked prints(assort your stocked prints at any qty). This is explained in more depth here:

Custom Veneer Color(stained veneer):For custom dyed veneers, it is a minimum of 100 decks per color/concave combo, and 25 decks per size. You can get pricing and more information for this option here: This option is a part of our ‘Build To Order’ program and turnaround times are longer. Contact a rep for more details.

Information on Custom Printed Wheels: Custom printed Type T wheels require a minimum of 25 sets. You can print up to 6 colors. Set up fees + print fees apply. Custom printed Big/Soft are also a minimum of 25 sets. Print up to 2 colors, depending on graphic and wheel size. Set up fees + print fees apply. Click here to view pricing, (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the pricing):
Information on Custom Printed Trucks. For custom printed trucks the minimum is 50 trucks, (25 sets). Print up to 2 colors, depending on the graphic. Set up and print fees apply. Click here to view pricing, (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the pricing):

Custom Griptape options: For custom griptape we offer 2 options; custom die-cut(design smaller than 4”x4” and simple) and screen-printed paper backing. Both require a minimum of 100 sheets. Link below to view pricing, (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the pricing):

Information on T-shirts/textiles: For custom printed t-shirts/other textiles, we offer traditional screen printed apparel. We can source pretty much any brand or type of t-shirt/sweatshirt.48 pieces minimums. Pricing will depend on how many colors are in your graphic, how many print locations, and t-shirt brand. For a quick cost calculator on our most popular items click here:

Custom Skateboard Wheel Printing

Custom skateboard wheel printing is one of our specialties. Full control of the prepress process allows for lightning quick turn-around even faster than custom decks, sometimes. Click skateboard wheel manufacturing for more info.

Recent Misc Questions

File types accepted on the File Uploader. File upload formats accepted: ai, pdf, psd, jpg, tif, bmp, png, and zip. *Wait for the green bar with ‘File Successfully save’ to appear at the top of the page, otherwise we will most likely not receive your submission. Once you have uploaded a graphic(s), one of our sales reps will review the file. If there are any issues or concerns with the quality, you will be contacted. Please be aware that for printed items your final print is only as good as your artwork! Otherwise a mockup will be sent back to you for approval. Once a mockup(online proof) is approved, it will then get added to your online account.

Artwork templates. Please use our artwork templates when designing your graphic. For nearly all products there is a live area, safe area, and full bleed. It is also important to understand the different print methods for your product and how it reproduces color (spot color process, digital process, etc.) We are always here to help and answer questions. If you are need artwork created from scratch, please follow the link For artwork templates, follow the link:
Tips for hand draw art. (1) Make the art slightly larger than the 9×34” template. (2) Before you scan in the art, make sure you don’t have any board outlines or truck holes in the graphic, or THEY WILL PRINT. (3) One key thing to remember is that low resolution art will print as low resolution. The easiest way to check you art is, after you have scanned it, open it on your computer, your phone won’t work. Zoom in on your art until it is roughly the width of an actual deck, 8-9 inches wide. If you art looks low resolution (pixelated) at that size, it will look nearly the same when printed. (4) If you have any black in your graphic, just know it will not print 100% black.
Looking for a artist? If you are looking for an artist to help you create your graphic(s), follow the link and click on ‘NEED AN ARTIST?”
Brands we supply to. We are unable to say who we supply for, due to client confidentiality. We’ve been in business for 10+ years, and supply products for brands all over the world. More info here:
Skateboard Transfer Graphic Expiration Date If you have purchased transfers that are part of the stocked transfer option, they are good for up to 1 year from purchase date.
Best way to contact a Point rep. All of our sites have a LiveChat available to ask any questions. You will receive immediate answers if you chat with us during our business hours. We are here Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays, from 9am-5pm PST. Many times earlier and later than our regular business hours. General sales and customer service: (702)222-1204 ext 201 Accounting: (702)222-1204 ext 105 If you would like to visit, please contact us for an appointment.

Custom Skateboard Bearings

Custom skateboard bearings with many options. Click skateboard bearing manufacturing for more info.

Custom Longboard Manufacturing

Stock and custom longboard & skateboard shapes available on stock or custom molds. More options coming soon. Click skateboard deck manufacturing.

Custom Skateboard Truck Printing

Great for complete skateboards. Available pad printed hanger option. Click custom skateboard trucks for more info.

Custom Skateboard Printing

We offer direct screen print, screen print transfers and digital heat transfer. Did you know that most of the time screen printing and heat transfer are used to print skateboards? It’s pretty complicated. Check our CUSTOM SKATEBOARD PRINTING PAGE/SKATEBOARD PRINTING 101 for more info.

Latest Info

1 custom skateboard printing

Design as little as one custom printed skateboard deck. Available options like top and bottom printing, use the same graphic on multiple deck sizes, longboards, murals, and more. As little as one custom deck! Use discount code: NICECUSTOM to get $5 off.
Only at our design website:

Online ordering and Cost info here:
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Less than 10 decks: custom skateboard ordering website
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